Whichever service you require, be reassured to know that all work is carried out to the highest of standards, in line with NPTC Certification and BS3998 (British Standard for Tree Work) regulations.

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Tree and Hedge Works

Tree Felling/Dismantling

We safely fell trees of all sizes for various purposes, including hazardous or diseased trees, land clearing, or construction projects. Our expert arborists use advanced equipment and industry best practices, while prioritising safety and environmental responsibility. We preserve the surrounding vegetation and dispose of tree debris properly. Contact us for a customised tree felling solution that meets your needs and maintains the integrity of your landscape.

Tree Crowning/Lifting

Our skilled arborists use the top equipment to reduce the spread and height of the tree crown through selective branch removal, improving safety and growth. Our services cater to needs like clearing power lines, addressing aesthetics, and increasing sunlight penetration while maintaining environmental stewardship. Contact us for professional tree crowning tailored to you.

Tree Pruning

We provide expert fruit tree pruning services to enhance the health and productivity of your trees. Our skilled arborists use precise pruning techniques to promote better air circulation, reduce the risk of pests and diseases, and improve sunlight penetration to the fruit-bearing areas. We maintain an open canopy structure to ensure each branch receives sufficient nutrients and light. Contact us today for tailored pruning solutions to maximise your harvest and maintain the long-term health of your trees.

Removal and Recycling

We understand the importance of minimising waste and maximising resource utilization. That's why we go the extra mile to recycle the removed trees. We work closely with recycling facilities and wood processing centres to transform the felled trees into valuable products like lumber, mulch, and wood chips. By recycling the trees, we reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the circular economy. Trust us for tree removal that not only clears your space but also supports eco-friendly practices. Contact us today to schedule your tree removal and recycling service, and let us help you make a positive impact on the environment.

Hedge Works

Hedge works involve a range of tasks, including trimming, pruning, shaping, and general upkeep. Our skilled professionals have the expertise and precision to create well-manicured hedges that enhance the aesthetics of your property. We utilise top-quality tools and techniques to ensure precise and uniform trimming, promoting healthy growth and density. Whether you need a formal hedge for a sophisticated look or a natural hedge for privacy, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver exceptional hedge works that will transform your outdoor space.

Stump Grinding

Edinburgh Stump Removal are Edinburgh's, Fife's and the Lothian's premier tree and shrub stump grinding removal experts. They can remove tree stumps of any size from the most inaccessible of places. For stump removal they can even access gardens only accessible through the house.


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